The CSU Class of 3 Million Wins MORE Gold at the CASE International Competition!


Once again, we are proud to announce that our client the CSU won 2 Gold Awards and one Silver for the Class of 3 Million Promotion at the International CASE Circle of Excellence Program! CASE is the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the awards program is coveted by all institutions of education from Grade Schools to Universities worldwide. This promotion had previously won 5 golds in the national competition. It has now gone on to win in the prestigious international competition and we are thrilled. We are so proud to have partnered with the CSU in developing this promotion. Congratulation CSU!!

Here are the details and explanations that pertain to the awards:


Marketing—Visual Identity Systems (Award is for the Brand Standards Guide & Toolkit)

The California State University (CSU) system is the nation’s largest four-year public university system in the U.S. with 23 campuses, 460k students, and 47k employees. Each year, CSU graduates more than 100k students. In 2014-2015, they recognized they would be reaching a major milestone of 3 million alumni. To commemorate this milestone and strengthen the connection with their alumni, they launched a system-wide, year-long campaign, “The Class of 3 Million.” The campaign was designed to be used as a tool-kit for all 23 campuses, where they provided an in-depth, informative, and easy-to-use set of resources. The extensive campaign yielded impressive results, including: reconnecting with 60k lost alumni, alumni giving increased by 44% system-wide to nearly $89M, and number of alumni contributing increased by 11K. The campaign was an exceptional campaign, one that increased alumni pride and provided the opportunity for 23 campuses to work collaboratively on an integrated campaign.


Collaborative Programs, Multiple Campuses

The sheer scope of the project was impressive, and played upon the strengths of the System itself, yet tied each institution to its alumni, friends and potential donors. Very powerful results including a 44% increase in giving, and 60,000 re-engaged alumni by the end of the campaign.

The project was innovative way to look at the alumni as a whole and a way to celebrate being the largest university in the US.

Expanding on the reach to better address what the System wanted than what the alumni wanted, especially since less than 9K of the 3M alumni started a profile. A great start to celebrating the power of its networking potential.


Alumni Relations, Marketing & Branding

This ambitious and extensive campaign was executed on 23 campuses across the California State University system. The judges loved that the campaign showed how a central system can engage with many colleges across a state while also being an effective tool for data collection.