MIX Case Study

AAA Travel

System-Wide Brand Refresh


Developed in partnership with MNM Studios

The Brand Challenge

AAA Travel is the largest leisure travel company in the world and has many divisions, subsidiaries, and partners under its brand umbrella. Ranging from luxury offerings to price-driven budget travel packages, these various divisions usually operated independently and created materials that were all very different with no established brand standards.

The Results

In partnership with MNM Studios, we developed the concept and tagline “AAA Travels with You” with a campaign that uses the iconic AAA Membership Card to demonstrate the peace-of-mind you have when you book with AAA Travel. We created a cohesive and modern brand look for the parent brand as well as their Luxury and the Pleasant Holidays divisions. All systems were designed to stand on their own but maintain their lineage to the AAA Travel brand family.

AAA Travel Luxury

Brand Treatment

The Luxury travel segment of AAA Travel caters to the wealthy and discerning traveler. Our brand development of this segment uses a modern elegant font family and subdued color palette. We utilized cutting-edge printing techniques such as metallic foil, embossing, and high-gloss print techniques to elevate the brand experience and create a coffee table book.

Pleasant Holidays

Brand Treatment

Pleasant Holidays is a price-driven commodity travel company that is a subsidiary of AAA Travel. The audience for this brand is the traveller who is driven by the price tag. The brand treatment had to fall in line with the AAA Travel family but be more direct — so we developed a typographical style that is more playful, bold, and billboard in ledgibility. There is a lot of information about the packages up-front so we use colorful circle graphics to contain and summarize the information.