MIX Case Study

Catalina Island

The Problem

Catalina Island has a rich history of being a beautiful getaway just 26 miles off of the Southern California coast. However it had fallen off of the radar of the younger generation and was often seen as a place that your parents went.

The Solution

We decided to approach this Visitors Guide with a fresh and sunny perspective. Since the Island was an island destination, it has a unique advantage over most other destinations.

We used bright, sun-washed photography. Clean, bold and simple typography. Youthful imagery. We wanted to remind the audience that escaping to Catalina Island promised a true escape.

Additionally, we needed to profile how the Island was changing and that it was not your father’s vacation spot anymore.

The Result

The new look and approach was a big success. We have rolled out this look to other marketing initiatives and creating a consistent visual brand for the Island. This new youthful approach is setting the tone for the continued evolution of the Catalina Island brand as we begin for next year.

The island is now becoming a destination for the millennials as the Island is showing up in the marketing of other high-profile Surfwear brands.


  • Brand strategy
  • Design & layout
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Website design
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Media planning

2016 Catalina Island

Visitors Guide

In our 2016 Visitors Guide we are starting to see the positive effects of our efforts at positioning the island towards millennials. The Island had successfully won the competition to be the next Bud Light – Up For Whatever destination and had hosted a big weekend party. There was increased buzz among the younger target and the Chamber of Commerce was reporting higher day and overnight visitors across the board.

2015 Catalina Island

Visitors Guide

The 2015 Visitors Guide celebrated the Island’s unique color palette with bold photography and color bands that drew from the imagery.

2013 Catalina Island

Visitors Guide

The 2013 Visitors Guide was the first to implement our new strategy of appealing to millennials. This was the first foray into marketing to a younger demographic for the island and set the tone for the efforts to follow. Sun-washed photography, an open modern layout and clean typography was a departure for the island.