MIX Case Study


Helping a beloved brand stay relevant in a health-conscious world.

The Problem

With a world of increasingly health conscious and calorie counting consumers Cinnabon was struggling with the right message to reach their customers.

The Findings

After an extensive brand positioning study, we developed the core consumer promise for the brand (see illustration below):

Delicious Escape: Cinnabon is a memorable escape that satisfies my craving for an experience that’s beyond ordinary

 The Result

The result was “Life Needs Frosting,” an up-beat message that suggests there is always time to celebrate life’s little pleasures.

With a lively new color palette and fun lifestyle imagery, “Life Needs Frosting” made the statement that, hey, a little indulgence is OK and the world’s most famous cinnamon roll is a great way to indulge.

“Life Needs Frosting” after 6 years is still a tagline Cinnabon supports.


  • Brand strategy & development
  • Store signage
  • Customer traffic flow
  • Menu development
  • Environmental design
  • Promotions
  • POP

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