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Fresko Yogurt Bar

A fresh taste of Greek tradition.

The Problem

Creating a brand identity for a new traditional Greek yogurt concept that will appeal to the tourist. Introducing them to the world of Greek refreshment.

The Findings

Our clients came to us with the concept of opening a yogurt shop in Athens that would serve traditional Greek yogurt.

We spent some time as a tourist in Athens to analyze the experience and to observe the challenges and opportunities for a shop like this. To our surprise, traditional Greek yogurt is not easily available in Athens. You must go into a traditional “Taverna” restaurant and you usually don’t know what you’re ordering.

There are many barriers for the tourist. The Greek alphabet makes any kind of reading impossible for an English speaker. This creates a lot of confusion and anxiety as the tourist navigates and adapts to the customs.

So to create a standout brand, we outlined these core findings:

  1. Old-World Greek Authenticity meets Modern Sensibilities
    The brand will be rooted in Greek culture with a natural and old-world approach to food. It must truly be a Greek brand that looks that way. The store will be a modern and cosmopolitan interpretation of the old-world.
  2. Delicious & Healthy 
    The brand will represent a gateway to the world of traditional and delicious Greek refreshment and sweet treats. The products are naturally healthy and premium quality.
  3. Easy & Accessible
    The brand should offer the customer a simple, fun and non-intimidating experience. Ordering should be very visual with savory photography to help inform the customer without the language barriers. It will offer uniquely Greek food that slightly challenges the customers comfort zone but makes them safe and accessible.
  4. Slightly Crazy & FUN!
    This brand will celebrate the best parts of the Greek culture and lifestyle; delicious treats; simple and natural food; joy and celebration; the simple life. The identity should likewise evoke that attitude.


  • Brand strategy & development
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Store signage
  • Customer traffic flow
  • Menu development
  • Website design
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Environmental design
  • Promotions
  • POP
The Result

In order to attract the target audience – tourists – the brand needed to be disarming, fun and approachable. We created an identity that used hand-formed lettering that looks organic and even aquatic. We created a smiling spoon icon that is formed by imperfectly sized mosaic tiles. This icon is unique, highly memorable and offers the brand a terrific ambassador that immediately tells the customer many simple facts about the brand; that they serve food that will delight, that this is traditional, that this is a fun place.

The direction that was developed was considered a big gamble for the clients. It is not common in traditional Greek brands to use a smiley face or to be whimsical. We recommended that they be bold and that the best brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The response has been phenomenal!

The mosaic spoon icon has been affectionately named “Spoonaki”; or little spoon; by the clients. And the brand identity has had a powerful effect on not only tourists, but the local Greek population as well! Spoonaki has helped infuse the brand with a light-hearted spirit that is truly reflective of the Greek spirit and lifestyle; and this has in turn brought the same spirit to the employees and customers. Despite the turmoil in Athens, the new store has opened with a bang and there are plans for expansion.

The client said it best, “When you launch a brand and open a store, you never know how people will react. Tourists connected with the brand immediately, locals express their pride for tradition and admiration for our bold and fresh take. The enthusiasm for the brand was palpable from very beginning. Our little Spoonaki was becoming a star! And in the midst of the riots, protestors and police alike enjoyed a little snack together. Bob really nailed it!”.


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