MIX Case Study

La Salsa

Giving An Authentic Mexican Fast-Casual Brand A Whimsical Personality.

The Background

La Salsa is a fast-casual Mexican food chain with 76 locations in the West. They specialize in making fresh and authentic Mexican food with amazing salsas. MIX has had the pleasure of working with La Salsa for many years. It’s always easy to do good work for a client when they already make an incredible product! That’s the way it is for us with La Salsa. Whatever they create, whatever we need to help them promote, we are easily inspired by just trying the food.

The Strategy

In order to help La Salsa tell the story of their flavors and their salsa, we helped create a whimsical character and brand personality based on one of the key ingredients… the lime. By using a lime and a speech bubble, we were able to infuse the brand with subversive — but supportive — messaging that would liven things up and provide an alternate line of messaging. This little character also helped to separate La Salsa from it’s competitors a bit — most of which were telling ingredient or freshness stories that made them all blend together.


  • Brand strategy
  • Menu Board Design
  • Local Store Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • In-Store Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Outdoor Advertising
Taste The Flavors of Baja
LTO Promotion

This is but a small example of the many limited-time-only promotion campaigns that we have created for La Salsa. Taste The Flavors of Baja campaign uses a bright sunny color palette and distressed typography to evoke the Baja region of Mexico.

Las Vegas Margarita Billboards

The Lime takes over Vegas! When given a big stage, he does not let us down! These billboards were located to drive traffic to La Salsa’s location at Caesar’s Palace.

Stacked Enchilada
LTO Promotion

This is another example of the many limited-time-only promotion campaigns that we have created for La Salsa. The Stacked Enchilada campaign uses the smart-aleck comment by the Lime character to drive home the unique selling proposition of the product. We didn’t think the client would go for it but they thought it was funny and got a lot of positive comments from customers. Who knew?!