MIX Case Study


Disrupting the disruptor.

The Problem

Our client is PrimeTime Shuttle which has been a prominent shuttle service in Southern California for many years. With the advent of Uber changing the transport industry, they decided to create an app that would begin as ride-booking app that would be more transparent and be structured as an open format that could move into new industries. However they did not have a name or a brand. So they called MIX.

The Findings

We found that the app that they were developing had a couple of killer features that would be hard for Uber or Lyft to beat. They are:

  1. All transactions are direct from the customer to the driver. There is no commission.
  2. All drivers are licensed. No amateurs allowed.
  3. The process starts with a bid. The drivers can then respond with a counter-bid or acceptance. The customer then chooses the driver they prefer.
  4. You can schedule a ride in the future. So you don’t have to worry about drivers not being available.

The client wanted to create a brand that could avoid being all about ride-booking and be flexible and scalable to include other services.

Our Solution

The client had been using “BidBookie” as a working name for their app. Our research found some negatives with this name so we began the process of the search for a new name. They wanted this name to evoke the empowerment that this app would bring to the marketplace. It also had to avoid being travel related or specific to any task or industry.

We came up with a pretty good solution. We began to create the brand look and moved toward the roll out when a conflicting name and app were discovered. The conflict was based in Russia but our client wasn’t comfortable and we started the process over. To see our progress up to this point click here.

Ultimately we came up with a name that we loved. Better than the original idea. Much better. It rolled off the tongue and was memorable.

It was Opoli.

It seemed to mean many different things. Opportunity. Metropolis. Monopoly. Community. All of these seem to fit with Opoli. A place of promise and success.


  • Name development
  • Brand strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Social Media strategy & design
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Environmental design
  • Promotions
In collaboration with PJoW Creative Services
The Result

We kicked off things with an official launch party that starred Sam Rubin from KTLA 5 LA Morning News. Opoli has been the official transportation for the station and this has helped to get the word out to Southern California. You can follow the Opoli Facebook page here. The buzz is building! Stay tuned…

The Logo

We developed this custom typeface that features a winged O and unique letterforms. This subtle feature helps convey speed and dependability.

The Mark

This O is a device that we can pull away and use as a separate mark when needed.

The Opoli Launch Party

The Website

Airport Billboards

Informational Signage

The Process

The Original Working Name and Logo

This is where we started. The client had developed the working name of BidBookie and created this logo.

Our First Name: UDU

After an exhaustive name development process, we came up with the name UDU. The client loved it and we loved that it sounded empowering. It also happens to be an obscure type of drum. Who knew? Anyway, we proceeded with the brand design until we discovered a random app being developed in Russia called YouDoo. The client felt that was too close and we started over.

UDU: Alternate Design

This was an alternate design direction.

Alternate Name: Sympl

We liked how this name drew you in by speaking to simplicity. Ultimately the word is a bit overused and we were afraid that customers may forget how to spell it.

Logo Finalists

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